All Things Good Must Come to an End

Well Germany was fun. Actually, Germany was life- changing. I failed to maintain a promise to myself to try and keep up with social networking, news, and sports but I didn’t. I relaxed, played gorgeous music with new friends in front of overly appreciative audiences. Rain or shine the people of Eutin would come and support this Festival. It would often be hard to find the energy for another performance but the synchronized applause of the crowd every time reminded me the vital our role as orchestra players for the festival. As we prepare to board the plane tomorrow morning for the states I find myself reminiscing of the wonderful memories I have had with new friends, but can’t help but be mournful of leaving my friends once we get back to our lives in the U.S. Now it’s off to the last rehearsal before our last concert this evening and I’m sadly elated. Tshuss Eutin, until next time.